Monday, March 4, 2013

A twisted easel pink and chocolate card

Katharine was so delighted with the step card for her chocolate buffet baby shower, that she requested another card to display on the buffet. She wanted to display a poem-so I suggested a twisted easel card. 

 It's free standing and I could include all the embellishments that she loved about the step card. First I printed the velum with a pink gingham print, then I printed the poem...using the mirror image that I wouldn't smear it while cutting. I hand cut- "fussy cut" the hand and the foot, then glued it on white card stock and fussy cut the shadow in white. 

I spent a lot of time trying to adjust the size of the cuts, and placement...ending with 1.5" cuts and eliminating the teddy bear...perhaps I'll put it on the envelope. The umbrella is tucked under the hand...not secured with glue. Easily removed to put in an envelope and later added to a scrap book page.

I couldn't find paper that had brown polka I used my screw punch to cut all the dots...then used a glue pen and pin to place all the punched dots. I know it's crazy but it's the details that complete the project. If you picture it without the will know why I took the time to add them. 

I hope Katharine will be pleased...I am. Thanks so much for visiting.
I hope I've inspired you. Be well and craft on! ~ Carole

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  1. What a great great card. I have yet to do a twisted easel card...this is eonderful


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