Friday, March 1, 2013

Taking advise

I want to thank my friends and fellow bloggers for their advise. Cely suggested that a little bit of green on the flowers Loll suggested some pattern and Darnell suggested placement below the umbrella. Perfect! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions.
My favorite customer was so delighted with this card....she suggested that it was a $20.00 card. Thank you Katharine. Kathrine is hosting a baby shower and presenting a chocolate buffet. Yummy! She promised me pictures, I'll be happy to share.

I always like to offer a this is the other card I made using the chocolate brown and pink theme, she loved them both but chose the step card. I had to make the envelope for the step card because the dress went over the edge, so I lined the envelope with a lovely light pink floral paper. I've got to say I'm filled with joy when a customer responds with enthusiasm and delight with my card creations.
Happy dance.

Up next is a fun birthday card inspired by a card I saw on Pinterest. A few reversions but simple and fun.

For the finally a couple of turtles for a 2nd birthday...I love google eyes.

Thanks so much for your visit. A comment or question would be appreciated. Be well my friend... and craft on! ~ Carole


  1. I love all your added and finishing touches to the card and I love the second card as well. The envelop sounds very pretty that you made. Yup,I have to make sure e dry thing fits into my step cars...haha

  2. Hi Carole. Four great cards ... but I especially LOVE your step card - cute, cute, cute!! Loll xx

  3. It turned out super cute, Carole! And I feel special that you took my advice!! I'm sorry it caused you to make your own envie, but it sounds like the perfect finishing touch. Your other cards are so stinkin' cute! I love googly eyes, too!!


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