Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm back with more requests

My friend asked for a card featuring a train...for her 2 year old grandson. I like the clouds of smoke but the stack didn't photograph well. It's cut from mirror card stock like the hitch on the back.

A  bottle of champagne for Jack's 80th birthday. I copied the label shape from a bottle of Dom Peignoir and used chain outline stickers and gold glitter letters. Pretty simple yet very personal. Below is the inside.

A step card for my brother.

A special card for a special bus driver.

Be well my friend and thanks for visiting. ~ Carole


  1. Hi Carole. All fabulous and unique cards. You are so talented my friend!! Loll xx

  2. Some more great fun and clever cards.....such a grand assortment! Where are you finding the time. Foil paper is always so hard to photograph, but it's a darling train!


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