Saturday, December 8, 2012

Season's Tweeting's

Jeeper's  it has been a few weeks since I've posted anything, but I've kept busy ... believe me. So sweet of Darnell to notice my absence and inquire on my well being. I'm really delighted and surprised that she did. She's a talented card maker and an amusing writer. Check her's worth a giggle:)

The truth is I was preparing for another craft fair to support our local school, as well as fulfilling a request for a dozen Christmas cards.

I've found myself questioning "WHY" why am I entering all the challenges, why? Then ...what will I do with all the cards I've made?  Where can I donate them? 

Well the answer is I enjoy making cards but competing without a huge stamp and die collection is difficult so I'll just make cards and look for inspiration that will utilize the tools I have to work with.  Working with my SCAL program I created these cards using both the positive and negative cuts, then adding stickles. I like the tiny wreath around the "O".


 The next card reminds me of a mantle inspired by this card I posted on my Pinterest board Cards I want to recreate

The inspiration card has silver stickers of hanging darn cute. 

I cut thin strips of red glitter tape to make the candles. The flames are the bits poked out of a die cut using gold glitter tape and the circles are punched with 1/4" whole punch. Here's another version oriented vertically.

 I designed this sled using thin strips of kraft paper then some brown shoe polish to stain it. The sled can be removed at the glue dot and used for an ornament. I really like this but I wanted to try a smaller version. 

It's cute but a little too fussy to do several, so it will remain one of a kind. I'll be back with more as some as I take some pictures and download them. 

 Efficiency is intelligent laziness.  ~David Dunham

Till well! ~Carole


  1. Love those sweet little mantels you created, Carole!

  2. With all your beautiful cards you more than made up for your time away. We have been sick with some creepy crud and I didn't make cards for over 2 weeks. Sounds like you had a lot more fun during your time away...making cards for an order and for the school....and preparing for another craft fair.

  3. Hi Carole,

    I'm finally checking in on you again and I'm sooo happy to see you back and showing your great cards again! These are all really CAS and wonderful. My favorite, too, is the JOY!!

    You do great work with what you have, challenges or not, and as you say, the important thing is the enjoyment it brings to you! There are always organizations that can use donated cards if you end up with a stash.

    Good luck with the fairs if they aren't all over by now!



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