Sunday, December 16, 2012

Angels and Granddaughters

My deepest respectful sympathy to all victims and witnesses of the massacre. Heart warming hugs, deep breaths and prayers of Peace. Peace be with you ....and then look for the JOY.

I believe that gratitude expressed reaps tons of blessings. I've found my crafting and creating I feel that I am giving a gift ...a gift of myself, at the same time I'm giving thanks for the availability of wonderful papers and products that allow me to express my vision of beauty, simplicity and abundance. Free will, we create our lives, what we focus on, what we talk about, who we surround ourselves with. My mission is to share small joys to expand our awareness of possibilities.

My blessing today was to spend 5 hours with my granddaughter Rylee. 7 years old and facing the challenges of unexplained alopecia -hair loss. At this stage I'm unaware of any loss of confidence. Last Christmas she had lost all her hair, rather quickly,  and now she has patches of growth and patches of baldness. This is an angel ornament we made today with pink fuzzy hair. Rylee loves pink. Is't she gorgeous? That smile is my JOY.

Rylee made a card for her Mum, her G-Mom and her brother, no time for Dad - cousin or teacher. I hope we can find some more time to play. Special thanks to ScrappedLives for the tutorial and inspiration.
Oh my...find JOY where you are...and express sorrow for the loss but don't live there. Be well my friend.
 ~ Carole


  1. They look terrific. I'm glad i have inspired you.

  2. Darling angels and a beautiful child with a beautiful smile. I hope you will educate me more regarding this condition. I have only heard about it once a long time ago.

  3. You have two beautiful angels, Carole! Your sweet spirit and inspiration is so motivating. You couldn't have said it more precisely! What we focus on is who we become. You are truly a kindred spirit!
    Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas.


  4. JOY was in your post, Carole. Very well said! Also, beautiful was in your post. Rylee is beautiful and that smile is megawatt!! The angels are beautiful, too. What a wonderful crafting time you had with her; it's just the BEST to share this love with the little ones!!

  5. Yes, Rylee is a Doll. I am so sad for her. She has such a Beautiful smile and I'm sure she is a charmer. Hope you 2 had a blast and the Angels turned out so fab with fuzzy hair.
    Hugs, Dangina

  6. Hi Carole. How wonderful to be able to share your love of crafting with your beautiful granddaugher Rylee. She is precious ... and the angels you made together are too. Loll xoxo


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