Thursday, September 27, 2012

Haunted House

Just for fun and to send to the grand kids...they love getting mail and this one won't require additional postage. I love the colors. The purple moon circle with the witch silhouette is free clip art. The haunted house, ghost and bat are  svg cut files covered in Glossy Accents and backed with shimmer gold paper for the windows. I hand printed "Trick or Treat?" to complete this fun card.

I like challenges and they always bring more traffic to my blog, but sometimes I just want to create with out rules, or limitations.
So this is that!

On a personal note: I invited 4 neighbors to come to my home last night. I asked them to help me. I wanted their opinion and suggestions on how to make some money with my cards and 3d paper projects. I asked them what they would be willing to spend on my cards. If they knew anyone with a boutique or store that I might display and sell my cards. Then I told them they where welcome to purchase any card they liked.:-)

Well the result is we all enjoyed ourselves. They were excited about the cards and projects I showed them, and I was a bit over whelmed with their compliments.

They made some helpful suggestions:
  • Perhaps a brochure or sample book to show potential business owners and clients
  • Perhaps a slide show on a digital photo frame
  • Contact local florists or beauty salons
  • Make a collection of all occasion cards and sell them as a gift
  • They suggested sealing them in a clear envelopes and stating blank inside or a printed label with the sentiment or verse
  • Suggested connecting with a bridal company
  • Suggested having home demonstrations
  •  They agreed that personalizing them would increase the value and the cost
  • The told me that they often send inexpensive cards knowing they are thrown out anyway, 
  • For special occasions hand made cards would be a keepsake, to put in a memory box or an album
The evening ended with a beverage, some cookies, grapes and nuts followed by hugs and thanks.
The bonus was they purchased 7 cards. Yay and 2 of the ladies plan on framing them for wall art.
A very social and productive evening. Now if I get up the courage...I'll ask some friends to invite 2 or 3 friends to their home to play show and tell.

"We dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend, so we buy ice cream. " ~Ralph Waldo Emerson   or cookies

That's all for now, thanks for your interest and comments, both are truly appreciated. Maybe you'll consider doing the show and tell evening too! If you do - it would be great to hear your results.
Be well ~ Carole

PS. I just noticed I have some new followers. Thanks to all that follow my blog. I'll return the favor if you include your web address following your comment.


  1. Some very good suggestions. I put mind in clear envelops. They look nice and are also protective from bends and finger prints. I donated some to a silent auction at school...which in return brought me some business. Sending a card to prominent people in certain circles also helped. The only problem I had as that I was getting lots of orders and then it became a job rather than a hobby. Now, I just sell what I like making but at times will make a card to order but not in lots which becomes overwhelming and no fun. By the way, I love love your Halloween card...Halloween is such a fun time to allow some silliness on a card.

  2. VERY cool card, Carole!

    Good for you to be brave and invite the neighbors. Your list is spot on. I have sold to friends and at the office and at a little boutique in town. It's a boutique of house and garden art and small jewelry, scarves, beautiful little giftie type things. So if you have a store like that, take some cards in. Or if any of the local nurseries have a gift shop, they love cards and I would think your birdhouses would fit in a place like that.

    The thing is how to handle the pricing and the accounting. I can email you how I did it, rather than having this get too long. Email me if you want more detail.

    I do put them in the celo bags and insert a sheet at the back with the sentiment that's inside. That way, as Cely said, no fingerprints or bending.

    Also, as Cely said, there are times when it becomes too much like a job if you are successful at it. The more you sell, the more the store wants! If you are doing it for money, that's one thing; if just for fun, that's a whole other thing.

    I better hop off or this will end up as long as one of my posts, God-forbid.

    (Thank you for your sweet comments re publishing. Also, I took a look at your Pinterest and have to say you don't need that poppy die, my friend! You can make your own beauties!!)

  3. I would so appreciate some insight on pricing and accounting Darnell,you are so kind and generous to offer. With great anticipation I await for an email that you have a new post, knowing I will be entertained by your ramblings. I'm aware of the snorts and snickers, giggles and chuckles that I make while reading. You do have fans.

  4. Adorable Halloween card, Carole! Thanks for sharing your show and tell idea. You've inspired me to try the same thing with some of my neighbors. Great post and I'll keep you posted :)

  5. Super Halloween card, Carole. And thanks for visiting me. Sorry if you had problems with my blog.
    I enjoyed reading your post on how to sell cards... I sell them as well. I used to sell them at our weekly coffee mornings and at my children's school. And yes, I sell them to friends who come over to my place as well.
    Happy crafting and may you sell many, many of your creations.
    Thanks for all the tips in this post,


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