Saturday, March 3, 2012

You're a classic

My BIL is celebrating his 60th birthday this year so I made him this card: You're a" Classic "featuring this Studebaker. I think it's perfect for a fellow born in 1952. 

Traveling west to California was the thing to do. Traveling on Route 66 was the way to go. Even though Studebaker was the bomb, seriously the worst selling car of the time, it remains a classic car, bringing big bucks at car auctions today.

 I remember my father bought one in 1960' ugly green model probably got a really good deal. . I was mortified when he drove me to school in this atrocity. I'm serious... I was so embarrassed to be seen in this relic, but it seemed to delight my father. In the 60's - 1957 Chevy's rocked the drive-in hamburger joints. Studebaker's were mocked. And so it goes. 60 years later it's cool to own a Studebaker. Definitely a classic...Happy Birthday Jerry Sweeney, we love you. You are a classic!


  1. You weren't alone, dear Carole. Oh, I remember Dad's Studebaker and the embarrassment as well. It was an old, ugly and LOUD clunker and he delighted in using it to take us to school activities. I once asked Dad to drop me off 2 blocks away from school so I wouldn't be seen in it, but he drove right up to the front of the school, honking all the way so there was no way to be missed! I can LOL about it now, but I was certainly mortified back in the day.
    ...Sister Kit

  2. I too remember those cars. I felt the same way. Love your card. Brings back a lot of memories.


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