Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stars and snowflakes

I haven't posted anything in a few days but I've managed to make 4 simple Christmas cards. I had one sheet of navy blue suede paper that you would have to feel to appreciate.  It's a soft and luxurious piece of paper. I cut four pieces at:     4" X 5 1/4" to top the 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" base card.

I love navy with silver so I gathered my collection of peel off and outline stickers in silver along with MS snowflake punches and white glitter paper scraps. The bottom right card is covered with tiny little "inny pieces" from the peel off stickers. It reminds me of a starry night.  Can you image picking all those little pieces up with a straight pin and placing them on a card. I don't know...sometimes I just can't believe how easily I'm entertained. I actually found it to be relaxing. Now here's the thing - I like these cards and think they have a formal feel - but I consider them elementary level hand made cards. Impersonal - peel and stick. Maybe it's because they were so easy -  that I was compelled to apply all the tiny little "inny pieces".

What do you think about peel and stick cards? How about card kits - do you enjoy working with designers versions?

Now this is what has kept me busy. . . preparations for making over 50 handmade cards. First I drew this Santa, colored him with Prisma pencils then scanned him so I could reproduce smaller copies. After cutting out several smaller versions by hand I used white puff paint on his beard to add dimension. I've been drawing this Santa  since I was a teenager so my family will recognize that I drew him making it more personal. I look forward to designing many different cards and sharing them on my blog. Hopefully I will find a challenge or two that will work with my creations.

Until next time, thanks for visiting. Have a Happy Thanksgiving . . . 

I'm living in gratitude for all our creature comforts, our freedom, the time and space to create, and so much more. Carole ;)

The end of childhood is when things cease to astonish us. When the world seems familiar, when one has got used to existence, one has become an adult. ~Eugene Ionesco


  1. You're right the navy and silver do look very good together - quite classy in fact.
    I understand how you feel about peel & stick as well as kits!
    I started card making years ago and that was how I started. Now I feel I'm cheating if I make something that way.
    I prefer to stamp to make my own toppers and decoupage these days. I can draw butI'm very slow and it is never as perfect as I'd like. Now and and again I'll buy a kit to make a batch of cards as a gift for a family member or for charity. That way I'm making them for someone else and in my head that's allowable. Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts Karen x

  2. are an artist too!!! Beautiful cards and I'm hoping to see a little snow. Wonderful job!

  3. These cards are simply beautiful! I love picturing you placing those inny pieces with a needle. The picture of focus, relaxation, sweet contentment.

    Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate expression of beauty. Consider a line where only emptiness was before; or a songbird breaking the quiet of the morning.

    You are right: Navy and silver are magical together, Carole! It's the juxtaposition of light~dark - chiaroscuro in Italian. See Wikipedia on the technique of chiaroscuro for an interesting mini art lesson when you have the desire to understand why I include that particular word.

    I 'hear' you loud and proud about kits and creativity. You've never been one to shortchange the creative impulse in yourself, or others for that matter. I think that is why I've often encouraged you to teach a crafting course....

    And while I'm on the topic of encouragement: Have you ever considered doing a rubber stamp of your own, Carole?

    Santa is SO perfectly and personally your own that I think he would be the place to start with that if you have ANY inclination. I can recall that process of making a rubber stamp being part of my art curriculum a LONG time ago. It was a great course.

    You could get Santa down to a simple line and then where would that/he take you? Will he be a big Santa? Will he be a smaller Santa?

    Perhaps there's a local class (adult evening curriculum) somewhere near home to consider a clinic on making a print block? It's a thought and perhaps a direction, too?

    (THANK YOU Miss Schulz! She was my primary school art teacher and with her gentle hand, there began the love for ART that is still within this big kid!)

    I remember Santa ...and more! Happy Thanksgiving Day: I am truly thankful that you are my dear and constant sister. Yours ∞ until Niagara Falls ∞


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