Tuesday, February 4, 2014

To answer a few questions about my craft space.

My friend Cely wanted me to remind her how I put this space together...I tried to email the pictures to her but I couldn't cause they were too big.

Pictures show what is hard to explain. This shows the desk top...a piece of plywood  with a "U" shape cut out...I used self stick floor tiles to cover it so I didn't have to stain/paint and seal the wood. I left the space for leg room (shown under the green mats)

The trash can is in the open space. The desk top is attached to my computer desk and then to a micro wave shelf on wheels. (30" high) placed against the wall. The space between the computer desk and the shelf houses 3 large storage bins. I used 2 more micro wave stands/shelves...one on an angle to complete the left side.

 I found the micro wave stands in thrift stores. They were popular when micro waves first came out. Remember how big they were? before they were hung above the stove. Any way that's how my craft space grew and became configured to house all my supplies. I works for me...I have every thing I need within easy reach. Do you want to see what's in the bins?

That's all for now...be well and stay warm ~ Carole


  1. Thanks for the feed back on your craft table. I just really think this is such a great idea.

  2. It's such a brilliant use of space! Carole Z xx

  3. Super super super and thank you thank you thank you. I also love the idea of the vinyl squares and I'm off today to look for microwave carts. I won't be into our new house until mid March, but this gives me time to measure and look around. Oh Carole, this helped so much and surely it will help and inspire others!!!

  4. Looks like you have a very well organized craft space. tfs.


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