Saturday, February 15, 2014

Addicted to CAS- COFFEE

I saw this challenge and immediately made myself a cuppa....with Chas & Dave  singing in my head. Do ya know what I'm talkin' about? A proper cup of coffee..? There's a link if ya wanna have a listen.

I've been snow bound and lookin' for some fun...and inspiration. This challenge really spoke to me. After sorting through my scraps I found this dark brown background paper that suggested coffee...mounted on kraft paper with a tan linen paper...for the cup/mug. Vellum swirls of all came together with the tune still playin' in me head. I'm havin' too much fun....if ya could only hear me accent...a regular gutter snipe...he he !!!

Seriously...having fun. Thanks for the opportunity. Go on the link and join in.
All up and happy are we! (Come on sing along).... We're all right...we're oh so merry and bright...we get drunk nearly every Saturday night!  It is Saturday after all.

Did I mention I haven't been out for days...snow bound...delirium...

perhaps I'll edit this tomorrow. Signing off...silliness... Be well...Carole


  1. Let it fly, Carole! Those of us that are also snowbound and those of us that aren't will all understand the delirium brought on by cabin fever! Your coffee card is wonderful and totally nails the challenge! Hang in there! Spring WILL come!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. This is amazing :) I love the idea of vellum swirls as steam. So glad you joined the fun at ATCAS!!

  3. Again, as I commented before, I could never get tired of the coffee theme. I feel like I could NOT live without coffee! Cute card, and believe me, I have cabin fever too. I am so tired of this snow...but it is great card making long as we keep our electric!
    Carole, I am sending you another email...I have a question to ask you.


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