Monday, April 1, 2013

Road Trip to Maryland...Crochet Lacy Crosses.

 I found a site offering this Lacy Cross pattern free.
The finished Cross measures 4.5" X 6"

I started the first Cross on the Monday after Palm Sunday. It took about 3 hours for the first one, learning new stitches is well and good, yet it's difficult to know if you are doing it right with out a detailed picture on hand. 

After completing 3 Crosses I was secure in knowing what I was doing. This simple project was perfect for a road trip. I completed 6 by the time we left on Saturday morning. My goal to finish 10.

My brother  invited  Mr. Bill and I to dinner to celebrate our March birthdays and Easter with a feast. He lives in Point of Rocks. MD, about a 3 hour drive from our home in PA. He included our  first friend...and her husband. They also live in MD., about a 40 minute drive to Point of Rocks from Hagerstown.

Departing at 9 AM on Saturday, with needle, yarn and pattern on my lap, I'm ready for a productive trip. I only had to glance at the stitches to know what was next. While busy making stitches my thoughts would go to prayers and blessing for the person I plan to give this to. Being a Holy time... making these Lacy Cross bookmarks allowed me to express my faith in activity and prayers, with beautiful results. This photo shows the finished Cross stiffened with fabric stiffener and fringes.  

Now on to the feast. We starting with a wonderful smoked salmon spread, served with crispy chips and some fine wine. That was followed by a huge -crab imperial- stuffed mushroom. Yummy! Spit lobster tails broiled on the grill with a salad and roasted potatoes completed the feast.

Dessert was a dense and decadent 3 tiered chocolate cake, layered with Smucker's raspberry jam. Frosted with whipped cream topping made from scratch by Kit. Regrettably I didn't slice a piece to go.

My sister is a gourmet cook and loves to share. For our birthdays sister Kit made us garlic dill pickles, djon mustard, along with a recipe and mustard seeds to make our own. A spicy rub, hot pepper jelly, spicy pepper butter and home made bagels to sample.

Her husband grows the cucumbers to make the pickles. He also grows the peppers... than smokes them to make paprika.The fabric "Money" covered jar lids... along with the printed labels create a very special and personal gift. She's amazing. I forgot to mention the jewel toned scrubbies she makes from netting. This was truly a Holy Happy Easter. Blessed with a loving, talented and generous family making wonderful memories.

I reached my goal of 10 Lacy Crossed and plan on making more. For full details visit:
Petals to Picots Crochet     Thanks Kara! 

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  ~Albert Einstein

Be well my friends...Many Blessing ~ Carole


  1. It came out so lovely! I am so glad you enjoyed making it and that it could add some blessings to your week. Happy Easter :)

  2. I learned the simplest of stitches with crochet to do a zig zag blanket, but learner a few more from my MIL. She used string and made beautiful bedspreads. She's passed now and I would love to take up some crochet again to make something beautiful like you did. I can't look down while in a car due to motion sickness, but I would sure try with this. Glad you had a wonderful trip and I know the people you gave these to were deeply touched.

  3. Well done, Carole! You set a goal and realized it with your beautiful crocheted crosses. I'm so happy that you and Bill enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend with your lovely (and talented!) family! TFS!!

  4. beautiful crochet work;) Glad you have a nice trip!


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