Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Double Pocket cards and Hide the Prize game.

I made these pocket cards after viewing Lindsay's tutorial at The Frugal Crafter.
Lindsay is an amazing artist, offering tutorials on a variety of different crafts, helpful information and tips. She sews and beads and paints, etc. and generously shares her passion and knowledge to inspire us. Thanks Lindsay for all you do and offer

Made with double sided paper these pocket cards allow you to insert gift cards, bookmarks, seed packets as well as a personal note or an invitation.

These little bags are each made with one piece of 8.5" X 11" card stock, no cutting necessary. If you're interested in the "how to" leave a comment and I'll send the instructions. It's very simple and so versatile.

I'll be babysitting on Thursday so I plan on hiding these for a game of find your gift bag and guess what's inside. 

I will have a list of clues that they will need to earn by completing different tasks. Something like... do 3 jumping jacks- turn around- touch the ground and clap 3 times, or maybe answer a question , spell a word, sing a song or draw a picture.  

I plan to make it challenging but fun, they will have to earn their prize by collecting all the clues first  and then use them to find the bag. It's all about the game...not so much about the prize.

Rylee and Wyatt ....a real tongue twister "Wylee and Riot" love to craft with Nana...that's me. Valentine boxes - Leprechaun traps, cards or games we are always making something. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to inspire their imaginations and see the results. It truly fills me with joy, and creates lasting memories.

Here's the inside view...filled with very cherry jelly beans...their favorite jelly belly beans. 

Children make your life important. ~Erma Bombeck

Wishing you joy. Be well and craft on! ~ Carole


  1. Great pocket cards, Carole, but those adorable bags for Wylee and Riot stole the show!! Good job, Nana, you're so much fun!!

  2. All of these are amazing....from the holders to the bags you used with one piece of paper. I need to remember the things you are doing while you are babysitting so I can be remembered as a fun grand rather than a boring one.

  3. how cute the jelly bean baskets are and I have to say your double pocket cards are s much prettier than mine, well done;) thanks for the "shout-out" :)

  4. Great cards, love them! And fab bags too! xx

  5. Hi Carole. Those pocket cards are so fabulous!! Loll xx


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