Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Jug of Hugs Jar

This is the inside of a card I'm sending to my cousin "Arte Dar"  I miss her.  You'll notice the photo the card can be removed  to read the message on the back. This also creates the ability to re-send the card just by adding a new 4" X 5.25"insert.

This is the front of the card. I folded colored coffee filters and used MS hydrangea punch to create these soft and delicate blooms. The back ground paper is sooo pretty. I saw it on Pinterest. Colleen has it pinned on the board called Clip Art. 
See it here:

Isn't that gorgeous? Well it just so happens my Aunt gave me a stack of some old paper she had laying around the office. She knows I craft and love to recycle. The paper feels thin and delicate yet its strong and has a slight transparency. When I held it to the light I could read the watermark.

Any way I love to use it to print vintage papers because it has that parchment quality. I this an erase-able paper? Does any one remember this brand of paper? I think it's a treasure.
I see Jackie has joined. Welcome Jackie! I was so pleased with your comment I returned the visit to discover  Muse. A card club. 
This sounds like fun. A Muse...amusing and oh so witty.
Go ahead and check it out, but if you have a moment just leave a comment 
and I'll be around to visit you. 
Side note: I'm pleased to report I found a consignment store to show case my cards. I'm a happy card making mama lama. Seriously happy.... and my daughter "Corina" calls me "Mama Lama" and she brings me lama finger puppets and such from the many foreign countries she visits. 
Back to topic. Loft Consignment was delighted with the collections of cards and Valentines I brought to consign. The owner suggested $6.99 each with a 75% split in my favor. That's a coin or two over a fin. I will be delighted to make a tad over $5.00 a card. Now I just hope they sell so I can keep on playing.  Having a jingle in my pocket will add a bounce to my step.

 The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money. 
 ~Author Unknown
Thanks to all
Be well ~ Carole


  1. Very pretty cards Carole. Love the tiny littel hearts in the jar on the first one, and the paper flowers and pretty colors on the second card.

  2. Enchanting card, Carole, and what fantastic paper for vintage cards! I agree, I think it's a treasure.

    Congratulations on the consignment arrangement! That is way more than my pennies out here, so very well done, you!! Woot! I hope people buy you out quickly and often!

  3. Carole, I am thrilled for you, getting to sell your cards! The split is quite good too. Do you package yours in clear envelopes to protect them while people are rifling through? I do. Hate the thought of pearls and little details falling off.

    Your card today is beautiful, as always. Thanks for the link and shout out! That thin paper seems perfect for printing on. Good find. :)


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