Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bird House Condo's A bit of whimsy with a story.

I'm having a difficult time capturing a good photo of this bird house complex, but I had so much fun making it. As I said in a previous post this bird house template has really sparked my imagination. I'm making up stories as I go. 

This complex specializes in providing comfortable housing for the smaller birds with refined expectations. The environment is suitable for butterflies and fairies as well. This model features a white picket fence around the private bird bath garden. It also provides shade with the unique umbrella designed to protect from the brilliant morning sun.
Here's the same model without the garden and picket fence, perfect for a single female. Beautifully decorated in our secure gated community. 
This tree top lodge was decorated exclusively for G. Willicurr's. As you may know G. Willicurr is a famous singer, so living in the neighborhood will provide you with some beautiful music as G practices for his performances. His beautifully designed lodge features a wonderful  fenced in garden deck with lovely landscaping and a porcelain bird bath.

This unique top of the tree model features a beautifully designed  round house with an exclusive roof made with the finest of waterproof leaves to insure your comfort. It also has a lovely roof top garden, with the winding path made of imported sea glass. Have a seat in the shade, on the rustic bench under a charming umbrella while soaking your feet in the built in foot bath. Pure luxury for any little fairy.

Again I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photo's, but I hope you can catch a glimpse into this enchanted bit of whimsy. 

I will share any details that you might inquire about, but it would take so long to describe all that went into creating this sweet vignette. I do appreciate comments or questions.

The rest is all my personal may proceed or not.
I will end with saying there are times when I seriously wonder WHY I save the strangest little things. 

Reminds me of a tom boy picking up toads and stones, or feathers and sticks.
I save weird stuff....but then when I'm working on a project, as I start gathering papers and things.I  pick up weird things, and then putting them to use in the most surprising way. 

For instance today on my walk about the community, I was compelled to pick up , acorns, a feather and a chewed up pine cone. It looked so interesting to me, all but the very top of the pine cone layers were chewed off, leaving what looks like an eaten corn cob. After examining it closely I put it in my pocket , wondering what little creature had been feasting on it.
 If you look closely, the second picture shows the top of the pine cone, under the white picket fence. I also added some acorn caps and the feather I found along the way. 

The acorns remind me of a story my mother would share. "As a little girl I would walk way down the lane to sit under a big old oak tree, just wanting to get away from my brother and the boys. I would imagine I was one could see me. Then I would play like I was a little fairy and the acorn caps would hold my morning tea, or serve as bowls for my lunch." 

And so with that in mind I constructed this chair of twigs and moss to suspend little structures on.

I'm  a bit Irish ya know, on me grandddfatherr's side, so I ken spin a tail... to baffle or delight.

Be well ~ Carole


  1. Oh my Gosh, Carole!
    That is too adorable for words! And your little story is a delight! You did a wonderful job finding all your special treasures to add to your creation. What fun it is to do something with all your heart and soul. You are a great inspiration, my friend. I too love picking up feathers and little gems on my walks. Thanks for sharing your Beautiful Bird House Community. I know this little bird enjoyed her visit! Smiling! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. What a wonderfully imaginative little community. As you know, I'm partial to feathers. And your little blue birds are so sweet. Just jolly fun, hon. Marvelous!

  3. You have remained a child at heart, Carole! Your grandchildren and the little children in the neighborhood must have such fun sharing your childlike joy of life and nature.

  4. look at all of the details and the work that went into that, it is stunniing!

  5. I can't even imagine how much effort went into starting this community, but it's certainly apparent. Love your "real estate" descriptions of each residence! Thanks for sharing your labor of love : )

  6. What a fanciful little village! Bet you like miniature dollhouses, too. I love those!


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