Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heart Wide Open Mixed Media

     This is what has kept me busy. Creating a mixed media doll representing my cousin: Darlene Gail (ArteDar) 
Indian name  "Heart Wide Open"  This was definitely a stretch for me. I knew I wanted to work with what I had available. 
So I started with a cardboard cone added a Styrofoam ball. I shaped the Styrofoam ball by creating an uplifted nose and eyes. 

I covered the entire ball with porcelain air dry clay and continued to shape and mold the face. I created the open heart with the same porcelain clay, let it dry then painted it. I formed the arms with  fuzzy sticks covered them with waxed paper to create some depth, added duct tape and attached them to the cone. 
The hands I cut from a plastic bud that was the center of an artificial rose, then covered then with the air dry porcelain clay and painted them with flesh tone acrylic paint then attached them to the arms with duct t.ape.  

I used fabric and fabric stiffener to cover the entire body form, creating a pleated shirt, then painted it red and black. I used hot glue to attach the heart. I used  porcelain beads the read :
 Heart Wide Open to cover the pleated shirt. I added a Queen of Heart playing card, a picture of a cockier spaniel, a cup, a gear, a white rose and a key to the heart.  All representing my dear friend and what she holds dear.

The hair is a crimped packing material that I glued on to the head. How fun and funky. I had problems painting the eyes. Some of my paints are over 9 years old but I was committed to using what I had. This is the result. Both fun and frustrating, yet I think I like the end results. Always room for improvement, learning as I go.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams

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  1. WHAT A STUNNER! She is SOOOOOO sweet. Great result using what you had available, too. Her face being upturned really makes an emotional statement. Simply adore the hair. How very clever to use packing material. All in all, a very special doll called Heart Wide Open. Be proud of this sweetie, ok?

  2. I showed husband Joe the doll and then read to him how you accomplished this amazing project. First he said the doll was cute. Then he said that the distance from "the vision to the result" was complicated. He wondered if you "saw" this before you began. He agrees that this is remarkable - "well done!"

  3. Thank YOU Carole soooooo so much....this truly is outstanding and makes my real heart thump a bit harder then it did before. The thought that went into it is soulfully deep and meaningful in the most loving way possible. I'm blessed to have you as my friend and feel your love. TY for the call too, it was uber exciting to share this with you just at the moment I was looking at it on site....our Indian Spirits were at work and it doesn't get any better then this.
    Much Love and Peace my DGFF "Arms Wide Open"

  4. Wow are an amazing artist!!!


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