Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fold Over Triangle Cut

I created this card by using a sample from a card collection I purchased years ago. I loved the design and spent hours figuring out how to recreate it. Now how do I explain it? 

The black square (featuring the trophy) opens to reveal the inside design. It features a black and white striped scalloped edge folded over and glued down. It reminds me of an awning. I used a svg file from SVGCUTS.Com that features a Studebaker (definitely a classic) to tie in with the  #1 Classic trophy that I designed and created an svg file for. I'll offer that free if your interested in it. Just let me know.

 I created this card for a friend that my husband worked with who  is celebrating his 65th birthday and retirement.

I used little magnets on the corner to hold the square down. Velcro circle would work as well. I used outline chain sticker for the square and the Happy Birthday Sentiment. I know this sounds a bit convoluted, but it is so hard to explain. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I'll reply.

I must say that I'm pleased to have created this design. I'll be happy to share  it with you if you are interested. 

All art requires courage. ~Anne Tucker

Be well. Thanks for visiting. Comments are appreciated. Carole


  1. BRILLIANT! What a card....and then some!!! I say "sharing is caring" well done and TY sooooo much!
    P&L, Dar

  2. This is wonderful and I have not see this cut, fold or style and will definitely want to try. I've been so busy and haven't visited blogs like I want and having to go out of town tomorrow.


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