Thursday, July 28, 2011

Memory Box

Yesterday my daughter Corina the owner of 3 yoga studios in the Philadelphia area, asked if I could make a memory box for a Yoga teacher that was leaving for a year to get her PHD. Tina has been a much loved student and a teacher at Wake Up Yoga since 2006. This is the memory box I made using the colors of the studio  I always save the card board from paper collections and various packaging and I had all I needed on hand. I chose to make it 9"X 12"X 3" and assembled the box using duct tape to secure the pieces together. I covered the inside with a glimmer paper in brilliant yellow, wrapping all the edges before assembling.The box is covered in a beautiful gold card stock. I cut the letters and made a shadow cut to back them. I created some svg files of  a budda and yoga poses and cut them with my cricut. I printed the chakra symbols and cut them by hand. The lotus flowers are from  the Pagado cartridge. The swirl flourishes are from sixxiz. This was a labor of love. I worked for my daughter Corina, as a bookkeeper for a few years before I retired, so I know and love Tina. She is an amazing young woman and I hope that all her students will fill the box with cards acknowledging the gift she shared teaching yoga. The top shows  Wake Up Yoga in an octagon, the front (not visible) says:loves Tina. The octagon was created in SCAL featuring the Budda showing the chakras. This was a two day project and I'm sure I could improve on it. Now that it's complete I have more ideas. Thanks for visiting. Comments are appreciated!


  1. WOW, double WOW and triple WOW! It's really a labor of love and it turned out so beautiful, too!

  2. AWESOME! I think it's made with much love and attention to detail...she's gonna LOVE it and maybe even cry a few tears of joy. I adore your work!
    Peace and Much Love, Dar
    BTW, I'm still learning a few things about myself, but "if you don't know me by now *insert music* you will never ever know meeeee lalalal is how I feel most of the time. ox


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