Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Card Purse

I had a lot of fun and frustration making this card.
Can you tell I like pink and green together. So feminine.
The frustration was creating a svg file that I could cut with the cricut. It seemed simple enough, open SCAL (that's the program I purchased to link my computer with the cricut) create the shape and then a handle. The handled proved challenging.

Here's a view of the inside. The fun part was making the pocket so a gift card or greeting could be inserted. You can see that these cards were scanned because of the shadow and the line, but the scanner is all I have to work with for now.
Writing this post seems almost like talking to myself but hopefully someone will read it. I should probably spend some time making cards I've had a few requests from neighbors or friends. My neighbor asked for cards with a French or and Italian theme another suggested  more masculine cards. This suit card could be an invitation, a thank you card or a birthday card. Very simple and fun to embellish. Well that's all for now. Be well


  1. That's what I thought at the beginning. And, I started it for my own pleasure. Three people from svgcuts "liked" me and from there it was history. I still try to remember that I do it for my personal pleasure and if someone stops by and what they see makes them happy..well then, that's an added bonus.

  2. I saw something similar at the store and wanted to make one, but perhaps I should ask first if you are going to offer it as a freebie or try to sell it? You didn't say how you made the suit. Is it from a cartridge, an svg you made. or what? Interested and so will a lot of other people. Good job Carole!

  3. AH~HA....I recognize the beautiful pocketbook card....ya sent me one just like it and I adore it! You inspire me to make more cards myself....would be way more fun the picking out one at the store. Awesome that you also have a Cricket and added tools to work with. Maybe check your area for the next "Swarm", a swarm of cricket cutting fanatics...I hear they are a lot of fun.
    Yes, truthfully getting noticed on a blog takes time and does seem like talking to ones self. Join some web sites that do paper crafting and put the url in your signature....more will come.
    We do 'blog hops' and you'll get subscribers that way too. It's usually about 10 gals, they post a theme project and have a small give away to those who post and sub. We use the 'Random.Org' to generate a number.
    Anyway....keep creating and posting, there is a site that will print your blog and pictures for you (cheap) and it will be a wonderful lil' book and keepsake.
    Peace Out and Art On! Dar


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