Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sharing and Gift Tags...so much fun

Tags are my newest passion...3"X6" allows for a nice base to layer and collage different elements. I've used fussy cut clip art...stickers...die cuts...adding glossy accents to give them a shiny charming effect.
Playing with different back ground papers... setting a theme and even naming them...camo kid...witches brew...and detective professor. 

The fun part is that the back has a pocket ...perfect for inserting a personal note...with or without a gift card. I started using photo corners for an insert...but they proved too time consuming to get straight.

I have a dozen ideas for more tags with themes. I wonder about working with a local shop or salon...using their logo on tags for personalized gift certificates or gift cards.

 Positive and negative cuts are used for these simple elegant tags. I don't plan on packaging them so that will cut down on time...expense
and litter.  Tag your it.

I cut 9 more pink roses to finish my personal gratitude campaign for this month. Sitting in front of the TV... I used my scissors to roll and shape the petals....then in the morning I plugged in the glue gun and assembled them in under 2 hours. We're good to go.

Sometimes I get bashful...when I offer a rose....and then I remember my intention...to share gratitude and acknowledge the people that work in our community to make life easier... One lady declined my free paper rose and didn't care to take one to pass on...I won't make that mean anything...it was just an observation. 

On to other things...We had our side walk at the front door replaced.... a tree root caused it to lift...creating a tripping hazard. One morning a loud jack hammer...followed by digging and raking...a form was laid... orange cones and tape to ward off traffic. 

7 AM Monday morning a  big yellow concrete truck and crew arrived to complete the job...as they were cleaning up...I thanked them and offered the crew some home made pumpkin pie cupcakes...and thanked them for the team work I witnessed while they poured and spread cement. I got a thumbs up and many thanks....Sharing is fun.
I'll just keep on doing what I love to do...sharing what I can. 

Be well my friend and thanks for stopping by. I'll be happy to respond to your comments and questions. ~ Carole


  1. wow you have been busy! Love your tags..one of my favourite things to make as well..love the roses too! That was a lovely gesture with the cupcakes..mmm pumpkin pie..yum! Hugs Carole Z X

  2. Hi Carole. Your tags are all so unique and creative. I think they are fun to make as well and was hoping to get lots done for Christmas this year, but haven't found the time yet ... still hoping! :)

    Your roses are beautiful and I'm sure they lift the spirits of the recipients. Loll xx

  3. I stopped in for WOYWW but got distracted by those lovely tags you had in this post. You've shown that there really is so much you can do on a tag. I really like your elegant tags. The roses and the sentiment behind them are wonderful.


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