Saturday, April 13, 2013

You POP my cork...champagne bottle card

I had another request for a bottle card....this time a blue champagne bottle with silver labels. I cut the letters using my cricut....then placed them on wonderful silver paper. After I glued the letters down I use a stylus to emboss the letters from behind...making them appear to be cool.

On the inside I cut piece of self adhesive cork in the shape of a champagne cork, adding the numbers 75, then covering them with glitter glue/stickles. I used self adhesive glitter letters to spell out you POP my cork! Lots of glitter glue bubbles and tiny magnets to ensure a closure.
To further the illusion of a champagne bottle... in place of an envelope ...I used a silver Mylar bag provided by the Wine & Spirits Store of PA.

 Using MS 5 blade scissors I shredded the top of the bag...then tied a bow around the top. I think it calls for a hanging tag with a tassel or charm. 

I love working with Kraft paper...this card was inspired from Pinterest when I saw this card
Similar yet distinctly different. I'm pleased with the simple neutral color scheme.  

I've resisted purchasing new stamps and dies......for quite some time....but I finally gave into the temptation and ordered some of my favorite... coveted dies. I look forward to making some beautiful cards utilizing these amazing dies. 

          When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income. 
                                                          ~Chi Chi Rodriguez

Be well my friend and keep on crafting! ~ Carole


  1. You are still running on full with great ideas even finding a super one on Pinterest. Were the swirl vines a said you broke down and were going to buy some dies which by the way I'm not familiar with. This card is sensational and would love to case. I have everything but the that a die or stamp? The bottle...kudos..never thought to emboss the back to make it look engraved. A lot of time and patience went into this cool bottle.

  2. PS....that is the most gorgeous butterfly I've ever that a die too?

  3. Oh my, Carole ... That is a gorgeous champagne bottle card, and I LOVE the reuse of the State store bag! Totally clever!! I resist no crafty purchases; I have little discipline in that regard. I am bad!! Come see! Come play! I look forward to meeting you.

    Ellen (CardMonkey)

  4. That is a totally fun and unique champagne bottle tag, Carole! Well done!! And your kraft card? Wowza, I LOVE it!!


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