Friday, June 1, 2012


Link Up for Pink has a new challenge:
 #2 sponsored by A Day for Daises.

ADFD offers the cutest free digital image just for liking them on FB. The image is a little winged fairy sitting on a mushroom with a snail perched on her toe. You have to go and see it for yourself. 

Link Up for Pink is a wonderful cause that we can all relate to. Is there any one that doesn't know of a friend or relative having faced or is  facing the challenges of breast cancer? I sincerely doubt it. 

One of the most difficult conversations is how do we support and comfort our friends and family when they are dealing with this crisis. What can we say?  When we are dumb struck! Sending cards is a way to show we care and sends a simple message. Link Up for Pink has many sponsors that offer free digital stamps to help you convey your message and support. Check it out. Then create some thoughtful cards to share with your loved ones.

And finally after creating your thoughtful cards share them by linking up... for a chance to win some great prizes. Win win!

I will continue to enter new entries until I run out of pink paper...but I can always buy more pink paper. Right? I look forward to using all of the freebies the sponsors offer to create meaningful statements of support. Check back often to see my entries.

I've been bombarded with allergic reactions to all the green pollen decorating our cars and roadways. It doesn't stop me...but it sure does slow me down. The coughing and itching makes me feel like I can't appear in public, and it's exhausting.

Enough about that. Yet it got me inspired to create this card. Under the Weather? I will be ready to share it with a friend that's not feeling well. I love the little rain drops falling off the side of the umbrella enhanced with Glossy Accents.

I hope this post finds you well and in the pink so  you will be inspired to create and share your passion for a good cause. Link Up for Pink.

Be well Carole


  1. Really like that first card with the diamond background and the flowers and vines.

  2. Early detection is the best protection is a great quote for breast cancer awareness.

    I must admit that I was so delighted to receive my 'special request' card that I intend to give to a friend who has just undergone a mastectomy. Holding it in my hand I was struck by its beauty. Its message reverberates. My eldest sister lost a very close friend to a long bout with breast cancer. My sisters have been very much on my mind, of late.

    I'm especially drawn to the embossed card in this lovely and artful selection. It is well balanced for color and visual weight. The butterfly is perfectly poised and an important element in an important position, visually.


    Having seen a man awhile ago on his own waiting to be seen himself at a specialist's office in Bryn Mawr, where I waited to get a needle biopsy (cell extraction analysis) I recall thinking it quite odd. Now I'd like to make sure that the word gets out that MEN get breast cancer, too.

    It must be especially difficult for the males who are affected. . . I wonder if there's a pink ribbon and blue ribbon for them? Yes. . . .

    Here's a couple of links that I found AND

    Ladies, think pink. Do your self exams AND get the word out, too. Invite the fellas in your close circles to participate. Get sweetly kinky and offer to exchange exams. If that's not right, just let them know that men can get cancer "there" too.

    Doing self exams for early detection IS the best protection for all of us,mammalians.

  3. Fabulous cards, so lovely!!!
    Thanks for Linking Up For Pink!

  4. Your cards are just beautiful! Thank you for playing with us at LUFP!


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