Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Wedding Cards

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I took a few  samples of wedding cards to our Woman's club luncheon,  as requested by a member who's grandson is getting married next month. 

This card features calla lilies in a frame with a side border of hearts and edges glittered with the wonderful new silver glitter tape. The envelope is lined with a satin looking paper. 

I posted a card very similar to this second one a few weeks ago. Yes this one has the double hearts and the double texture but I added double rings tied together with a bow. It has "Congratulations!" as the sentiment instead of Mr. & Mrs. and a spray of three flowers instead of one.  I don't know about you but I have a hard time making the exact same card,I want to change at least one thing to make it unique. This card is 5"X7"and has a hand made envelope lined with the satin paper.

Carolyn said I was making it difficult to choose because she liked them all. She mentioned that she wanted a really special card for her grandson because they were giving the couple $$$. Who wouldn't want that? So I said that I would create a pocket of sorts inside to insert the money in. A real gift card.

This photo shows the inside with the pocket scalloped with a lacy border punch. I used my score board to create a 1/4" fold line down the length and across the bottom. This way it's not attached flat to the card. I printed a personal greeting to her grandson and his bride on velum paper. I placed two doves facing each other to cover the glue dots used to attach the greeting to the base. Then I thought I could have used the same border punch for the top of the greeting to cover the adhesive. Next time.

That's what I love about making a card unique, subtle changes. Take the same theme and switch it around. Like this sample. I used a different embossing folder added the double hearts, then attached the doves with dimensional dots and separated the floral spray. This card is 4.25" X 5.50" Much easier to find A2 envelopes. 


Again the same theme, white on white with embossing, flowers and now a swirl. I think I could do several more variations. I could add some color, maybe chalk pastels or pale ribbons. Ivory or silver embellishments. I'm thinking that I'll scan some lace and print it for the envelope liners. Then maybe I'll heat emboss a flourish on the envelope. 

The ideas just keep coming. Does this inspire you?

 In conclusion 5 other members ordered personal wedding cards with pockets inserts. I'm not surprised. The quality of the paper, the time and detail make these gift cards a unique gift.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."  ~ Douglas Adams

I hope you've enjoyed my creative offerings, and that I may have inspired you as well!
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  2. Absolutely breathtaking!


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