Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fascination With Feathers Challenge

Fashion Feathers
Moxie Fab World  knows fascination with feathers is a trend and not just for the birds. Feathers are everywhere. Fashionable dresses, coats and even on shoes. Feathers for crafters is what's happening here. 

I haven't entered any challenges recently but I knew as soon as I saw the Moxie Fab challenge I wanted to play along. 

I received 2 very generous gift cards (for my birthday) to a local craft store, so off I went to find some feathers and have some fun...50% off coupon in hand. 

Blue is one of my favorite colors... so these feathers spoke to me. Knowing that I had some blueberry card stock I envisioned this dress. I embossed the white layer added the silver outline chain stickers, the hearts in the corners and the "Celebrate" sticker. 

The top of the dress is 6 layers of black card stock cut then glued together to add dimension, then topped with the blue cut. I placed the little inie stickers (inside the chain sticker) to the neckline, then added a strip of silver edging for a belt.
The poof of feathers create the rest of the dress. The blue ribbon roses complete this simple design. What do you think? I love it. I think I would wear a dress like that....really!

"There is no better look-glass than an old friend." Alexander Pope

Be well


  1. Love the blue dress, you devil you! ♫♫♫

    Wonderful card. A very creative confluence of design and Nature. Blue Guinea Fowl. Aw - ain't polka dots simply divine? Makes me wanna dance. . . . . As you know, I am always attracted to feathers. I used to dream I could fly when I was a child.

    Ironically enough, the reenactment event I went to last month near the Myakka River here in Florida had a vendor selling jewelry made with dyed guinea fowl feathers. I took some photos of his stuff and an amazing eagle's nest, too.

    BTW - My friend Dottie (who may or may not polka) sent me some guinea fowl feathers in my birthday card. Since she raises 'em at her place in Maine, let me know if you'd like her to send more/a lot for you to learn to dye for your projects.

    Keep on keepin' on in your 'studio in Montgomery County' and try to figure out why I referenced that, ok?

    Me and you as inseparable as Winnie & Pooh!

  2. Love love those feathers and your card. I kept the feathers from my hair and now you can find them easier these days at craft stores. I remember all the fish lure makers sooooo upset....lo ANyway...thanks for the great inspiration.

  3. Beautiful creative card, Carole! LOVE those blue feathers~wouldn't this be a pretty dress in real life? :o)

  4. I could see this on the red carpet! Love all the attention to detail- it makes it spectacular!

  5. This is definitely a Moxie Fab litlle number! Love the blue feathers:)

  6. Hey Carole! Thanks for linking this up to the Fascination with Feathers Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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