Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Asian Collection

Asian Gift Set
Here are some pictures of my Asian Collection Gift Set. It holds 6 to 8, 4.25" X 5.50" cards and envelopes. I lined the envelopes and the inside with parchment paper that I stamped with Asian coins and bamboo.
I'm lacking inspiration today and I seem to get more response on FB than my blog but I'll keep posting and learning as I go.

Please post a comment and contact information if you are interested in how to make the gift box. Thanks for visiting.

inside view

view with cards and envelopes


  1. Carole, awesome card set! I have something like this on my to-do list for our pastor's wife.

  2. I received one of Carole's Asian cards this winter. It was so lovely AND it had very good vibes. (Now how can that be?)


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