Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunflower Thank You Cards and a tour.

My daughter asked for 6 thank you cards using the sunflower as a focal. I loaded the Cricut with white AC card stock and cut a whole sheet of sunflowers, then I ran a butterscotch ink pad over them and layered the petals and the embossed brown circles. I played with other die cuts and punches. I really tricked these cards out with swirls and twirls and tags oh boy, then I added photo corners to the inside and a piece of card stock stamped with a dragonfly for a personal you could recycle the card by replacing the envelope and the insert. I lined the envelopes and stamped and colored 3 tiny bees with sparkly wings. So fun to detail.

Do you see the display base?.. it's an inset from a display box I found at the grocery store in the Hallmark section. I thought the box would make a good spray booth and I saw possibilities for the slats.

Do you save cardboard? I do. I have a collection that comes in handy many times.

Now if you're interested I invite you to a tour of my space... my craft room redo...The file cabinet arrived on Friday afternoon...ready to be assembled. 

Mr Bill and I went to Staples and Target looking for a file cabinet...and good golly gosh they're pricey. And they didn't have a 2 drawer white I went on line and found one for about $50.00 less with free delivery. 

Well... I've assembled many desks and shelves in my life time but this was the most challenging. The pictures of the parts are helpful but they're to small my aging eyes. I believe this is another one of those things that I will probably never do again. I'll pay the $$$ and be thankful to the person that assembled it. I worked on it for 4 hours Friday and completed it on Saturday after 4 more hours studying the parts and trying to make sense of it all. It's sturdy and mobile and it even has a wheel on the drawer...and I built it and I learned a lesson.

With the file cabinet complete and the room once again reconfigured I found room to create a sewing area. Sew So now there is a possibility... that I might...thread that baby up for a test run. It was always a challenge to find the space to pull this machine out. I've often admired the stitch work my friend Cely adds to her so she probably has a designated area.

I love this table top...lots of room to sprawl...everything within reach...up- down- over-and under, everything crafty. I know a Big Shot and a Cuttlebug....I like the Big Shot for the Sizzix box dies...and the Cuttlebug for the thin dies. I've been collecting these tools for decades...and always using a 40% or 50% off coupon, so it's all worth twice as much to me.

Mr. Bill even commented that I have a lot of STUFF...all the better to play all day. Hehe!

Now for the office side of the, bills and budgets...boring....
printer, Cricut, desk top....connectivity=creativity...craft on! 

Thanks for visiting, my hope is, you'll find some inspiration or motivation. Let me know if you have any questions or leave a comment and I'll return the visit. Be well ! Carole


  1. Great craft space. I really like how much table top space you have. My poor sewing machine sits in the corner (on the floor) negleted. I haven't figured out any way that I can find room for it. there was a time I could not picture myself Not sewing.

  2. Beautiful sunflower cards for your daughter...down to every detail like the bees. I always put inserts in my cards so they can be reused. Some are, but many the recipient wants to keep...I guess that makes me feel good too. A learning lesson on the file cabinet but it looks super as well as the rest of your awesome craft space. A big congratulations!!!

  3. Love the pics of your craft room, what a good space you have...fab cards, bet your daughter will be thrilled, hugs Carole Z xx

  4. You are both a hard worker and you have a great eye for the ways you can upcycle things around you, Carole! That box was a brilliant idea and your sunflower thank you cards and envies are all sunny and delightful!!

    Thank you for the update on your wonderful roomy and well-organized craft space! You MUST thread that puppy and get to sewing. I showed my MIL's old Singer on my blog like TWO YEARS ago and said I was going to start using it for cards, but it has never moved since I put it under my desk that day. Oops. It's on the "to-do" list. You can be my inspiration!! Anyway, WELL DONE on that file cabinet. It looks perfect there!! Enjoy!! Hugs, Darnell


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