Saturday, May 24, 2014

Collage on 3" X 4" and ATC"S

Way back along time ago we purchased a gift set of beautifully packaged scented candles. I immediately broke down the boxes to recycle and die cut them. The silver and black card features the textured quality card stock used for packaging. The film strip-washi tape-, the city-scape and the place setting...speaks to me as an invitation ... a night on the town.

Up next might have read about the time I took apart a broken remote control and other various mechanical devises....this fun collage with bits and pieces uses some of the elements I discovered and a few die cut tools. Difficult to distinguish is the tiny little light with the wires curled like antena. Complete with instructions ...cut from some advertising. All the elements applied to a water color background. I really like it...I'm thinking about altering a book and adding these on pages.

I started playing around with ATC"S. Next Wednesday is the fifth anniversary of 
Ms Julia's...@ Stamping Ground "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday"-"WOYWW"

I haven't entered any challenges for quite some time...but I love to go snooping around the globe to see what other crafty bloggers have on their desks. Amazing we all have so much in common and love to share our art.

This ATC 2.5" X 3.5" card features a tiny tea bag I made and stained, a left over tea cup and saucer (left over from Tea Party Celebration) "Hello" die cut from Krisha...colored in gold. The base is a hand made paper tag from was on a box I bought at a thrift store. I added the jewel and the quote... cut from a book I'm altering...also purchased at a thrift store. It's great fun using the elements I have stashed for some day. 

Girl kissing the moon was inspired by an amazing piece I saw on Pinterest but can't find. I sketched it on WC paper and added crumpled tissue paper...she's missing her umbrella and the lamppost she's standing on...cause I messed the sketch up big time ...but managed to cut and save this much. She's just laying on top of an envelope I made with some scraps of beautiful flocked paper. I spent to much time on her to just trash the effort.

Would you leave a comment?...tell me something...let me know you were here and I'll be happy to return the visit. Be well ~ Carole


  1. Wonderful makes. Glad you salvaged the girl kissing the moon, she's my favorite.
    Hope you are enjoying this long weekend.

  2. What a fabulous selection of them all! Hugs Carole Z X

  3. I actually was going to stop by check out your desk, then saw your comment on Krisha's blog. Isn't she the SWEETEST? I'm the recipient of her generosity, too.

    First, I want to say how lovely your ATCs are. The girl kissing the moon is awesome, but I'm also fond of the tea and charity, too.

    You asked Krisha if she knew of tutorials for altered books. On my right sidebar, I have 20 lessons for anyone who wants to learn about altered books. Although I am no longer teaching the class, feel free to ask about anything you don't understand.

    It is all free, and I don't believe in pushing any products. So, feel free to start anywhere. I suggest you start with Lesson 1, where you KNOW you have the right book. Lesson 2 shows how to prep your pages and Lesson 3 shows how to ensure your front inside cover doesn't pull away from the rest of the book. However, after that, I suggest you peruse the chapters that interest you. Some are technique driven, while others are theory driven. I'm sure you can tell the difference from the titles. Feel free to ask questions, but please do so on a current post, since I don't get e-mails telling me I have new comments.

  4. Thank you for your visit sorry to be late in returning to you
    Great to see your busy getting ATC's ready for the 5th anniversary I have been doing the same
    Jackie 13

  5. You are like the mechanical engineer of card art, Carole! Your imagination is just boundless, but fortunately your talented hands are up to the task of turning those thoughts into real tactile art. And your ATCs? Please. You put me to shame with the simple couple of steps I took to make mine. Dang. Seriously, these delights need to be encased in shadow boxes! See you in a bit for the Anniversary Party!! Hugs, Darnell


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