Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If perchance this is the first time you've encountered this weekly blog hop and you want to know the details...  The how to's and what for's are explained here.

I received a lot of comments about these bath tags...I finished them by adding the ribbon and a rubber ducky, then completed the back pocket insert. The tubs are doubled card stock hand cut from a simple outline doubling the card stock I get a crisper cut...then I glued them together...using a stylus to shape and emboss the edges. I used chalk on the blue tub to lighten the color and add detail...then covered it with glossy accents.

I want to complete the 20 pumpkin place card holders a friend asked me to make for her Thanksgiving dinner. 18 circles for each pumpkin...folded exactly in half. If you have any questions...please ask it in the comment section.

 The poinsettia die I ordered finally arrived so I had to make several flowers just for fun. I love it...the crisp cut and embossed detail produces quality results. I got the glitter out...and I love the sparkle on the white poinsettias...not so much on the red.

Using the last piece of tape and the plastic circle from a "terrifically tacky tape" roll I made this
 5 1/2 "wreath...I could hang it or use it around a candle votive.

I got a late start so now I'll get this posted and go about snooping. Thanks for all the visits and comments last week. A special thanks to all the bloggers following me...111...a very auspicious number. Thanks for your support and interest.

If you leave a comment I will return the favor.
Be well ~ Carole

 Prayers for strength and support go out to all those facing the challenges of this life.


  1. love those pumpkin holders..we carved our pumpkin for Halloween but dont have them after that

  2. WOW, that is a lot of work for the pumpkins, they look amazing! I have seen a number of people that have gotten the poinsettia die. Might have to investigate getting one of those.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Krisha #4

  3. What a cute idea with the pumpkin place card holders. A lot of work!

  4. I love what you did with those fabulous poinsettias! The wreath/candle decoration is lovely! And the little pumpkins will be a great addition to your friend's 'Thanksgiving' dinner table. Have a great WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #33

  5. The pumpkins & bath tub tags are great fun ! The poinsettias are very real looking too - will look lovely with a cream candle in the centre ! Ali #36

  6. Hi Carole. Your tags continue to be a source of enjoyment and inspiration! LOVE all the details you've added to these adorable bath ones! :)

    Your white poinsettias are beautiful. You've going to have to much fun with that die! Loll xx

  7. Oh ... forgot to mention how much I love your pumpkin place markers! Adorable!!!

  8. Hello Miss Carol, thanks for visiting my nest it's a little boring right now :)..
    Wel we can't have that suspicious no, so it's changed now 112 sounds good :O).
    Eeekks love those name card holders, they will look fabulous on her table. The baby tags are so cute, I looooove the poinsettia wreath it's gorgeous all sparkly. You have been making some gorgeous tags, I love the Asian ones, lots of lovely sites to see here today, hope you have a wonderful week.......

  9. I so love your pumpkin name holders and those poinsettias are beautiful too. Cute bathtub tags as well. Thanks for visiting it was great to have you drop in and say hi.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 2

  10. Gorgeous projects carole - your little wreath is really lovely. x Jo

  11. I had no idea I had missed so much. Wow,...I could spend a few more hours visiting. I wish I wasn't so busy. The things you have been doing are amazing. 18 circles for one pumpkin yet gorgeous! I drool every time I see the poinsettia die cut and have yet to get it knowing I would just use at Christmas and don't even think I have time to make any cards for Thanksgiving or Christmas due to moving. You are SO FULL of wonderful ideas and creations. You have inspired me just to go and make, if nothing else, a quick card. Again, your work is creative and stunning.

  12. I have said it before, the tags are gorgeous! Great pumpkins too! Thanks for visiting me, I am slowly getting round (and uncovering layers still)!
    Cazzy x

  13. Yikes... talk about late at desk snooping, my apologies for not popping by sooner, but DH was off for a long weekend and I am getting the desk cleared before visitors arrive later this week! Love your pumkins, so many to cut for each completed one too ad the poinsiettas are wonderful. Annette

  14. Those bathroom tags are so darling, Carole! The things you think up are so clever!! Love the pumpkin place card holders and, wow, that poinsettia wreath/candle holder is magnificent! Your mojo is in full swing lately; keep it up!! Hugs, Darnell


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