Monday, January 21, 2013

Just playing

    Using my favorite MS Hydrangea punches I made this topiary. Lots and lots of punches...each one doubled the stuck with the bead-head pin and stuck into a Styrofoam ball. I think it needs a winding vine with some leaves, or maybe just place the globe in a Chrystal candle holder. What do you think? Of course I saw this on Pinterest click here: for the tutorial.                                                   
Up next is the wire figure I've been playing with. Click here: and here:  I started wrapping it with strips of pages ripped from an old book, ans it kind of morphed into this burlap doll. It's still a work in progress. I want to add something to her hands, either an umbrella or perhaps a broom or a bird or bouquet. I want to make another one because I learned what works and what doesn't work, so I want to start fresh.        
I fussy cut these cute little chicks gluing them to another layer of paper for strength. This sheet of paper covered with these sweet little peeps was among some papers and other blog candy I won quite some time ago. Barbara.from Barbara's World of Whimcees...s a delightful blog full of wonderful soft sculptured dolls, bears and other  wonderful creations. I first found Barbara on WOYWW when she was doing a survey on why we return to a blog. I've never heard any results but I WON. I continue to find fun papers and embellishments that Barbara shared that surprise and delight me. Thanks again Barbara.  

There are days when I'm looking through my papers that I'm just compelled to cut things out. This paper was too busy to inspire me to use in it's entirety, but cutting the tiny elements inspired me. So you get that I'm just playing and this is what transpired.                  

Next is a negative cut out, with the swirl and floral spray and dry embossed back ground. I've spent some time on Sure Cuts A Lot designing a card with the negative cut outs. I liked doing this reverse negative cut reflecting "cherish" just playing around. I rather like the mirror image reflecting cherish. What do you think?

I haven't blogged in over two weeks....blogging shows up as work....documenting my play time and taking pictures. Challenges seem too difficult and unproductive. I just want to play...

Thanks Darnell for encouraging me to get back to posting, it's so nice to be missed. I will always find time to play....but sometimes it's too time consuming to document it. Be well my friends and craft on!
~ Carole


  1. Gosh...amen to the work in blogging...totally with you. I LOVE ALL your cards and projects. I still have my burlap to copy yours. I love the smell of burlap...wonder if something is wrong with me...haha. I love love love the reflection cherish card. The topiary..I did one back in the 70's...if only I had access to punches back!

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  3. Geez, Carole, now that I see the comment above this, you'll probably NEVER post again. Stupid spammers should be shot! What I WAS going to say is that your "play" is well worth looking at to other crafters and isn't that worth a post? A quick photo and download, even if you don't feel like chatting (never my problem!!) doesn't take THAT long and you never know who you will have inspired that day.

    Preachy little thing, ain't I?

    I do ADOOORE the cherish reflection card!!! As you say to me, keep on blogging on!! xo

  4. Wow, look at all these projects! You've been getting in lots of crafty time. I LOVE that hydrangea topiary. Gorgeous. And the chickies with their downturned eyes, saying "I love this place" made me smile. :)


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