Friday, October 26, 2012

Moxie Fab World: Alphabet Challenge Take 2

Alphabet Sticker Challenge. 
This card just sparkles with joy and jingle bells. Playing around with Alphabet stickers is Just Plain Fun. 

Holly leaves with polka dots and jewels. Negative cut "Merry" with crossed candy canes. Bright and cheerful to ward off the cloudy days. 

With fierce storms forecast-ed there is a sense of doom in the air, and I need to make some sympathy cards.I admired a card  Susan created. This card -which evokeds the feelings you want to convey for sympathy cards. Susan's card is simple and sincere., and that is what I wanted to create with this card.

I played around with options to enhance the lighting, white cards being difficult to capture a good image on a cloudy day. The sentiment is double layered and attached to the foam board heart I cut out on Wednesday. The corners are Sizz-lets architecture accents.

Having heard only yesterday,  that a dear friend lost her husband I made this card for her. 

And that's why I made the cheery Christmas cards for the Moxie Fab Challenge.

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.  ~Hans Hofmann

Be well and thanks for visiting:) ~ Carole

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  1. Love your X'mas card. And that white on white card is classy and elegant. Sorry for your friend's loss.


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