Thursday, June 21, 2012

I love Hydrangeas

This beautiful plant is still in a pot. It has survived 6 years and is loaded with blooms. In February the association sent me a letter telling me to get rid of the dead plant in the pot. I informed them that it had stalks that looked dead but when new growth appeared I would trim it back and it would flourish. I don't think I will plant this one in the ground.

The one on the right I planted in the ground 2 years ago. It's huge but has very few blooms. The  association's landscapers cut it back at the end of the season. I have not been able to stop them or make them understand that I will trim it. 
What a difference.


  1. Wow! I love hydrangeas too! Yours are really beautiful! Here in Finland they don't grow very well... winters are too long!

  2. Your hydrangeas are beautiful, Carole! I got very annoyed, though, reading about your association's letter to you. Grrr! What do they know?? Glad you kept it. It obviously loves where you've placed it.


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