Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anniversary and Baby Cards

I was asked by my daughter and a friend to make an anniversary card and some baby cards. And of course I was delighted to create a few unique cards for them. First up is the anniversary card. Cute and simple yet the black and silver are elegant and classy.

Next  are the baby cards pink and blue for first birthdays. Again cute and simple but clearly one candle for a first birthday. Striped background in an oval for gingham and scalloped oval for her. Sweet.


 On the next card I had so much trouble trying to get the sentiment stamp straight. I'm sure I tried a dozen times. First on the card then on card stock to cover up the wonky stamped sentiment. Finally I just cut around the words with a ruler and blade. 

The onesies are from the newborn shapes library in SCAL. The basic shapes and other shapes in the library are so often forgotten yet they are very useful. I welded 2 onesies together at the shoulder, then folded them over the clothes line. I used water color paper and colored them with sharpies. This was fun to make. Tooth picks for poles and some plastic greens from a pine sprig are held on with glue dots, my favorite adhesive. No wait, no drying time or sticky fingers... if I can't use a glue runner, I use dots were ever I can.
Three primary color balloons attached with dimensional dots. Embellished with stickels and trims, tied together with a bow.
I was able to create 4 cards today because 3 of them are sweet and simple. The other one took more time but was fun.

That's all folks...

"The value of a man's advise is the way he applies it to himself." Barry Cornwall 

Be well my friends and thanks for looking.


  1. what a creative work it is i think we can learn so many things from it.
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  2. Love all of these Carole! That his and her towel anniversary card is so creative. How genius was it of you to use real candles! I love that! The cute clothesline and sparkly balloons are just beautiful! Great work kiddo! Best, Curt


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