Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 36 Less Is More

Less Is More Week 36 - Use a heart or multiple hearts in any color, and only one layer. 

I embossed the white card stock and used a craft blade to cut out the heart and space for the sentiment. The edges are inked in pink and the bow added to the top. The inside is the cut out heart covered with a lovely floral paper. A pink strip is added to the inside bottom and stamped with "Thinking of you" I really like this design and I was tempted to drop the inside pink strip cut with the MS heart border showing at the bottom for a  lacey effect.  

So just now I went back and cut 1/2" off the bottom to expose the strip. What do you think? Is it more interesting or did I ruin it?
I think I should have gone with my first idea, without the white backing it would look like a lace trim. 

All the mistakes I make arise from forsaking my own station and trying to see the object from another person's point of view. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Learning and growing as I go...Be well and thanks for looking.


  1. Your 'thinking of you' card remains visually interesting in each of its permutations. I don't think you "ruined" anything.

    Because I have no experience with this type of art, what I find most compelling given the less is more theme is the embossing. The white-on-white of the card stock with the raised impression of the swirly floral buds and leaves is dainty.

    I can also see this put together on a smaller scale. A teensie weensie bow over a smaller window opening and the theme of the heart carried through by punched out hearts that resemble the candy hearts for Valentine's day.

    Each viewer sees from a different vantage point. All three are lovely; the sentiment comes through in each of its forms.

    I appreciate the daintiness of the color selection of pink, white and green.

    Thinking of you!

  2. Personally I think that I prefer it without the heart border showing, it makes it a little more fussy and detracts from the Clean and Simple aspect of the card, which is all about space and lack of clutter or over embellishment.
    Thanks so much for joining us and I hope you'll return for another CAS challenge next time.
    "Less is More"

  3. I like it both ways, you haven't ruined it at all,
    liz x

  4. I too prefer the plainer one Carol
    The paper looks very effective
    Thank yiou for joining us
    Mandi LIM


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